Five Essentials for Successful Programs

  1. Commitment from the Top.  Many a program has failed without the boss’ energy behind it 100%. 
  2. Employee Awareness and Engagement.  Awareness means repetition of an idea or thought (up to 20 times for long term recall).  Remember, 93% of accidents are caused by lack of attention.
  3. Training.  Employees must be taught the correct behaviors from the start and trained to be proactive in spotting dangers.
  4. Accountability.  Ownership of both the behavior and its consequences.  (Note: Measurability should be built into the program.)
  5. Recognition.  Behavior reinforcement should be a constant rather than a periodic act.  (Statistics show that the closer to the event of the desired behavior an employee is recognized, the more likely he/she is to repeat it.)

Success Tips

  • Know your people and their capabilities
  • Have a communication strategy with a specific timeline for projects, awareness, and reward.
  • Theme the program.  Mental recall is tripled when theming or "branding' the program.
  • Engage the spouse.  By sending communication materials to the home, the spouse becomes emotionally invested in the safety program.  (Note: With a choice reward program, the spouse will determine the the reward choice 4 out of 5 times.)
  • Tie-in a wellness initiative as well.

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