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The focus of any US Safety Awards program remains on awareness and on proactively rewarding the behaviors which promote safe working conditions both for the individual and the team.  Though the programs below differ in the reward media, each of our programs starts at the top - with an awareness "campaign."

  • A unique annual theme is selected, followed by 4 quarterly sub-themes (accident types).  Banners, posters, brochures, and other media are utilized to announce the selected themes.
  • To engage the employees at program kick-off, each will receive a pledge card with an "I signed up for Safety" (or other relevant theme) pen. 
  • Monthly, the employee will receive a communication piece, usually a promotional item, with that Quarter's theme.
  • Monthly or Quarterly each employee will receive recognition of some type for working safely.
  • Other times an employee should be recognized are as follows: attending monthly/quarterly safety meetings, filling out "near-miss" reports, pointing out safety hazards, safety suggestions, supervisory spot awards, etc.  Constantly reinforcing desired behaviors is the key.

Points Rewards (InnergE Web Platform)

Since almost 95% of employees have access to the web and over 60% own personal computers or web-capable phones, web-based incentive solutions are a terrific turnkey approach to employee safety recognition.  Our InnergE platform sets the gold standard.  InnergE not only allows for ordering online, it allows companies to run multiple programs at multiple sites for individuals and teams, has a survey and quiz tool built-in, and we can add our SafetySCRATCHERSTM as an add-on spot recognition module.  Seamlessly upload data, track and pull reports. Call or ask us about a webinar demonstration.  Click here for our InnergE Platform Overview.


Individual cards are presented as spot awards to employees for desired  behaviors - safety meeting attendance, working safely, safety recommendations, near miss reports.  The recipient rubs off the square  and goes to the InnergE site to determine the amount of reward "points" that aSafetySCRATCHERS Cardre earned.  Every card is a winner and holds its own intrinsic excitement.  SafetySCRATCHERS are a great way to maintain budget consistency yet allow for multiple reward values. Collected over time, cards can be redeemed for merchandise from our online catalog of over 4000 items. (Note: Other Scratchers© card concepts are available as well.  Ask us for information.)

Web Based Safety Training Programs

Traditional instructional approaches require that a test verifies that learning objectives are met.   Successfully passing the test demonstrates that the learner grasped the safety concepts, or met the learning objectives that the instructional systems designer intended.  The learning objectives, however, are only indirectly linked to the competencies, the ultimate purpose of the training.   Consequently, these tests do not verify that the learner achieved the competency intended, only that they attended the safety courses.  Only if the training is specifically designed to provide a mechanism to demonstrate competencies, is there any real evidence that that individual has achieved the competencies required to meet the organizations EHS challenges. U.S. Safety School's courses are designed to do just that.

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