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Workplace accidents cause pain and misery - physically, mentally, and monetarily for everyone concerned, whether they are employees and their families or employers. Preventing accidents must become an objective for both parties; however, it is the employer who is ultimately held responsible either to initiate preventive measures or to compensate for injuries.

Employers seek every imaginable avenue to reduce the drain on corporate profits caused by accidents, yet most forms of relief treat only the symptoms of the ailments and not the cause. What is the answer? 

A state of mind concerning accident prevention must be established. 93% of all accidents happen because people are not paying attention to what they are doing while they are doing it. Therefore, an employee’s mind must be programmed from a "lack of attention" or "don’t care attitude" to a constant awareness and attention to safety. The employee must be trained to recognize danger immediately and desire safety for himself and others. The US Safety Awards Awareness Campaign works because it achieves these objectives and the resulting behavior modification.

Our campaign should deliver a 5 to 1 return on investment or better in your first year of implementation.

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